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Rage is an environmentally friendly, user SAFE and non-hazardous concrete remover. It is the strongest among our non-hazardous concrete removers that we have to offer. This product works wonders on even the toughest jobs by removing up to a 1/2 inch of hardened concrete or cement in only 30 minutes.

RAGE uniquely attacks concrete, cement, stucco, mortar, grout and lime by softening buildup into mud that can easily be rinsed away with water. Safe to use on Ready Mix and Pump Trucks for bumper to bumper usage, tankers, forms, and other equipment.


  • No harsh acids
  • No harsh odors
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Non-Corrosive (ASTM-G31)
  • Non-DOT regulated
  • One Step Application



A heavy-duty concrete dissolver that works as well as any acidic product but is safe on equipment and users.

Thunderbolt is designed to uniquely attack concrete, cement, stucco, mortar, and grout by softening buildup into mud that easily rinses away. Its safe formulation is designed to remove concrete from ready-mix trucks, gunite trucks, pump trucks, concrete saws, pavers, molds, curb machines, tankers, forms, and other concrete tools and equipment.

Thunderbolt cleans with the power of acid using a concentrated derivative of sugar cane syrup and it is mild enough for hand washing of equipment with little or no skin irritation, and no secondary soap is needed for neutralizing.

It is non-hazardous, non-DOT regulated, non-corrosive to skin and metals.

Thunderbolt has been tested and approved by McNeilus, An Oshkosh Corporation Company. Our Platinum-Premium Product.


A one-step concrete remover, wax, and anti-corrosion treatment all in one.

Rust Away meets the rigorous demands of the Ready Mix Industry without the harmful effects of Harsh Acids.

Rust Away does not contain any muriatic acid, sulfuric acids, acetic acids, hydrochloric acid, or salts.

Our Biodegradable formulation is Non-Corrosive, Non-DOT Regulated (CFR49 Sec.173.24), Safe on Paint, and the user.

Prevents rust spot break-thru and re-rusting by forming a ferric phosphate coating on bare metals.


Tested & approved by MCNEILUS, An OSHKOSH Corporation Company and is an acid-alternative that safely and effectively breaks down Portland, and turns hardened concrete into rinse-able mud.

It works without harsh fumes or odors and is biodegradable, non-corrosive, non-hazardous, non-D.O.T regulated, and environmentally safe.

Overnighter uses an active ingredient derived from sugar cane and does not contain any harsh acids like muriatic acid, hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, sulfuric acid, or phosphoric acid. Overnighter is 100% Biodegradable, Non-Corrosive, Non-Regulated, & a Non-Skin Irritant.


Evolve is a patented synthetic acid alternative and our newest replacement technology that is 100% Biodegradable, Non-Corrosive, Non-Regulated, and only a Mild Skin Irritant.

Evolve is used to replace harsh acids while being aggressive enough to meet the requirements of the concrete industry.

Evolve is a low contributor to BOD/COD in effluents, built phosphate-free, nonfuming, USDA authorized, FDA approved as (GRAS), and is not regulated by DOT, TDG, IMO, IATA, IMDG, Sara 313 311-312, California Prop 65 while still being 71% as effective as hydrochloric acid when dissolving calcium carbonate.


Concentrated mild concrete remover, degreaser, cleaners and wax in one. Wash and Wax Truck Shampoo and Silicone Protective Sealant.



A full-strength acidic pH detergent-based product designed for thick concrete build-up.

Reverse A Crete Extra contains a blend of strong acids, biodegradable detergents, surfactants, wetting agents, rinsing agents, activators, and rust inhibitors.

Our technologically advanced product is designed to easily remove concrete, cement or mortar from any and all surfaces and contains extra inhibitors to help prevent corrosion.

(Foam agent can be added to create rich thick foam)


A revolutionary product designed to easily remove concrete, cement, or mortar from any and all surfaces. It contains a blend of organic acids, biodegradable detergents, surfactants, wetting agents, rinsing agents, waxes, activators, and rust inhibitors.

Designed to remove up to 1/8” while respecting our environment by using citrus acids for strength; fewer phosphates are released into your rinse water.

(Foam agent can be added to create rich thick foam)


A blend of mild acids in a detergent that is designed for lighter concrete build-ups.

Ecolo-Clean contains a blend of buffered organic acids, biodegradable detergents, surfactants, wetting agents, rinsing agents, activators, and extra rust inhibitors. It is designed to easily remove concrete, cement, mortar, and rust from any and all surfaces. Non-Fuming, Non-Phosphate.

(Foam agent can be added to create rich thick foam)

TNT Concrete Blaster 

Our most powerful concrete remover! TNT is a super concentrated concrete remover and cleaner.

TNT is non-flammable, biodegradable, can be diluted up to 35:1, and contains no solvents or VOCs.


Magic 1

A highly effective super concentrated all-purpose fleet wash and wax that is excellent in hard and soft water and rinses freely.

It removes problem road film, dirt, grime while employing carnauba and siliconized waxes to leave a wax shine. Magic 1 is a rare blend of biodegradable detergent emulsifiers and wetting agents and is safe to use on glass, aluminum, chrome, and paint.

Magic 1 is Biodegradable, Non-hazardous, Non-flammable, and safe on any surface.


An All-purpose Butyl Degreaser with a unique blend of biodegradable detergents designed to attack grease, oil, dirt, and road film from equipment, truck chassis, fifth wheels, concrete floors.

Excellent for an Acid Neutralizer as well.


A USDA authorized concentrated non-butyl degreaser and oil dispersant. This product is highly dilutable and can be used to clean up oil spills on all waterways and drilling rigs.

Escape can also be used for steam cleaning, power washing, and bilge cleaning. Escape breaks up oils and holds them in suspension while preventing them from re-depositing on cleaned surfaces. Escape is an excellent product for cleaning floors.

We also have Escape LF designed with a low foam surfactants for use in floor machines.

Mighty Blue Powder

A great truck washing soap, good for all types of heavy equipment that provides a thorough cleaning of vehicle surfaces.

It is 100% water-soluble and will not clog equipment. It will not streak or leave water spots and is safe and suitable for use on all types of vehicle and equipment finishes, chrome, and other metal parts.


A heavy-duty truck and trailer wash designed to remove grease, grime, oils, fats, and dirt from weathered trucks, trailers and sanitation equipment.

Free rinsing action prevents spotting while leaving the surfaces sparkling and shiny. Non-Phosphate.

Natural Green 

A multi-functional product is safe for use as a vehicle wash, engine degreaser, floor soap.

It is non-hazardous and not D.O.T. regulated. Contains no butyls, phosphates, or solvents. Natural Green is economical because it is dilutable up to 40-to-1.


A blend of solvents, detergents, emulsifiers, wetting agents, sequestering agents, penetrates, and corrosion inhibitors.

It is a USDA authorized heavy-duty cleaner that can also be used to clean carpets, walls, and industrial machinery and is safe to use on painted surfaces. Rocket quickly removes grease, oil, dirt, and other difficult soils.

Non-Flammable and Biodegradable.

Might Red Powder

We developed for our customers that have a need for a “Super Strength” powder soap.

It contains more foaming agent and detergent.

Might White Powder

Soap & Detergent is formulated for heavy duty truck cleaning. Specifically designed for industrial washing, including aluminum trailers.

Cuts diesel smoke, road film, grease, and grime.

100% active ingredients cut labor to a minimum.


Aluminum Brightener

A super highly concentrated hydrofluoric based brightener and cleaner. This no rust, no fume product cleans and brightens in one step!

AB can be used for auto and truck detail, pontoon boat reconditioning, aluminum trailers, tankers, buses, and production parts. Aluminum Brightener H/C cleans dull or oxidized aluminum and it removes corrosion and scale.

It is the best aluminum brightener on the market, guaranteed!


New Brick

A special formula designed to clean up mortar smears, construction dirt and efflorescence without damaging surrounding surfaces.

New Brick is 100% biodegradable, Non DOT regulated and a non-skin irritant. 10 times more effective than other products when dissolving Calcium Carbonate.

NAB 100

A Non Hydrofluoric acid brightener and cleaner. This no rust, no fume product cleans and brightens in one step.

Use NAB 100 for auto and truck detail, pontoon boat reconditioning, aluminum trailers, tankers, buses, and production parts. NAB 100 safely cleans dull or oxidized aluminum. NAB 100 removes corrosion and scale.


Pit Zyme

Our chemists have developed non pathogenic bugs which help digest organic matter, odors and oil degradation from water pits.

Works not only to mask odors as a deodorant but also eliminates the odor causes.

Slick Finish

A silicone emulsion wax causes water and cement to run right off the trucks surface, which retards adhesion and reduces concrete build up.

It dries and leaves an invisible shield, which protects against corrosion.

High Impact

A concentrated polisher and cleaner that is non-fuming. High impact polishes and cleans in one step.

It can be used for auto/truck detail, aluminum wheels and bumpers. High Impact is safe on chrome and will not etch.


Never Stick

Easily applied release agent that employs state of the art technology that will not wash away with water. It leaves a smooth white, flat, non-oily finish with minimal voids and prevents rusting.

Never Stick has up to 5 times the coverage of other oils, and it keeps water out of woods.

Scrub Brite

A super-concentrated industrial grade formulation. It cleans and removes oxidation, cleans and brightens aluminum and helps remove road film, grease and mineral deposits.

Scrub Brite’s rich foam activates after approximately 15-20 Seconds perfectly shining and brightening finishes that have become dull.

Coil Clean

Food grade detergent acid designed for quick and easy use of cleaning lime and mineral deposits on your coil lines.

Safe and easy to use. Non-Hydrofluoric.

Windshield Washer Fluid

Has been improved to a concentrated formulation which cuts grease film, and cement dust on contact. WWF whisks away dirt, concrete dust without streaking glass.

Our industry specific washer fluid puts 10 times the cleaning solution in 1 easy to use concentrate.

Sufuric Acid

93% for bringing down pH in high pH pit water.


43 20” Fender Brush

3036 G 8” Brush Head

R-90 replacement tip for BR-72 Handle

BR-72 6’ super thick 1 1/8” Handle

A-72 6’ handle extension for Chute

Scraper Tool

Chute Scraper Tool