Many chemical companies offer products that are acid-alternative, biodegradable & environmentally safe. The difference is their SDS sheets show a health hazard of ONE or TWO while ours is ZERO. That difference can save a company hundreds if not thousands of dollars in workman’s comp.

   At Ankem, our main goal is to supply companies with 21st century products that reverse the damage harsh acids cause on equipment, respectfully do our part in eliminating waste that hurts our precious environment, and most importantly, make sure that all of our concrete industry colleagues are safe. The last thing anyone in this industry wants is a driver to be rushed to the hospital with chemical burns. Our products in this series eliminate that risk by a wide margin.

   The “R Series” features multiple products for Ready Mix, Concrete Pumping, Precast/Dry Cast, and Lime Companies. Each product in this line has its own unique purpose for a powerful and immediate result while maintaining a maximum level of safety. “Performance Plus” is our purpose to maximize your efficiency as a business. 


See The R Series Below to Find Out Which Products May Fit Your Needs the Most

A Wheel cleaning product from Ankem, Inc.
An "R" Series product from Ankem Inc, Rampage.
Rave, a Wash & Wax product from Ankem, Inc.