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Vanilla Aerosol Air Freshener


Natural Green 

A multi-functional product is safe for use as a vehicle wash, engine degreaser, floor soap.

It is non-hazardous and not D.O.T. regulated. Contains no butyls, phosphates, or solvents. Natural Green is economical because it is dilutable up to 40-to-1.


A blend of solvents, detergents, emulsifiers, wetting agents, sequestering agents, penetrates, and corrosion inhibitors.

It is a USDA authorized heavy-duty cleaner that can also be used to clean carpets, walls, and industrial machinery and is safe to use on painted surfaces. Rocket quickly removes grease, oil, dirt, and other difficult soils.

Non-Flammable and Biodegradable.


Aluminum Brightener

A super highly concentrated hydrofluoric based brightener and cleaner. This no rust, no fume product cleans and brightens in one step!

AB can be used for auto and truck detail, pontoon boat reconditioning, aluminum trailers, tankers, buses, and production parts. Aluminum Brightener H/C cleans dull or oxidized aluminum and it removes corrosion and scale.

It is the best aluminum brightener on the market, guaranteed!



TNT Concrete Blaster 

Our most powerful concrete remover! TNT is a super concentrated concrete remover and cleaner.

TNT is non-flammable, biodegradable, can be diluted up to 35:1, and contains no solvents or VOCs.


A heavy-duty concrete dissolver that works as well as any acidic product but is safe on equipment and users.

Thunderbolt is designed to uniquely attack concrete, cement, stucco, mortar, and grout by softening buildup into mud that easily rinses away. Its safe formulation is designed to remove concrete from ready-mix trucks, gunite trucks, pump trucks, concrete saws, pavers, molds, curb machines, tankers, forms, and other concrete tools and equipment.

Thunderbolt cleans with the power of acid using a concentrated derivative of sugar cane syrup and it is mild enough for hand washing of equipment with little or no skin irritation, and no secondary soap is needed for neutralizing.

It is non-hazardous, non-DOT regulated, non-corrosive to skin and metals.

Thunderbolt has been tested and approved by McNeilus, An Oshkosh Corporation Company. Our Platinum-Premium Product.



Magic 1

A highly effective super concentrated all-purpose fleet wash and wax that is excellent in hard and soft water and rinses freely.

It removes problem road film, dirt, grime while employing carnauba and siliconized waxes to leave a wax shine. Magic 1 is a rare blend of biodegradable detergent emulsifiers and wetting agents and is safe to use on glass, aluminum, chrome, and paint.

Magic 1 is Biodegradable, Non-hazardous, Non-flammable, and safe on any surface.


A USDA authorized concentrated non-butyl degreaser and oil dispersant. This product is highly dilutable and can be used to clean up oil spills on all waterways and drilling rigs.

Escape can also be used for steam cleaning, power washing, and bilge cleaning. Escape breaks up oils and holds them in suspension while preventing them from re-depositing on cleaned surfaces. Escape is an excellent product for cleaning floors.

We also have Escape LF designed with a low foam surfactants for use in floor machines.


Might Red Powder

We developed for our customers that have a need for a “Super Strength” powder soap.

It contains more foaming agent and detergent.

Mighty Blue Powder

A great truck washing soap, good for all types of heavy equipment that provides a thorough cleaning of vehicle surfaces.

It is 100% water-soluble and will not clog equipment. It will not streak or leave water spots and is safe and suitable for use on all types of vehicle and equipment finishes, chrome, and other metal parts.

Might White Powder

Soap & Detergent is formulated for heavy duty truck cleaning. Specifically designed for industrial washing, including aluminum trailers.

Cuts diesel smoke, road film, grease, and grime.

100% active ingredients cut labor to a minimum.


RAVE Wash & Wax